Services for Individuals


The therapy room

Our shared space can be an enormously positive and creative space, providing you with an opportunity to explore "the art of the possible" in an environment free from judgement and bias. 

Short term focus

You may wish to carve out the time to focus on have a specific issue you wish to discuss and make sense of over 6-8 sessions, for example.   

Long term open ended counselling

Longer term counselling offers the time to explore longer term issues e.g. anxiety and or depression that may be limiting your day to day life. We would look at the root cause and ways to develop coping strategies to support you day to day.  

Services for teams and companies

Resilience and well being.

1:1 and Business Coaching including Hogan Assessment

I work with senior leadership teams, individuals and organisations, focusing on enhancing performance and team dynamics. Using assessment tools and coaching models to assess the health of the team and working one to one or in a team environment to build awareness and develop strategies to address development. 

Resilience in The Workplace, Workshops and Personal Development

Companies, please contact me to hear more about our workshops on building Resilience for your staff, which will: 

  • Enhance mental and physical wellbeing 
  • Educate on purpose and meaning
  • Coping strategies during particularly busy periods
  • Strengthen ability to cope with adversity 
  • Tune in to sources of energy and mindfully build reserves 
  • Positively impact your talent attraction and retention statistics

British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy Member